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I believe in ONE ETERNAL TRUE GOD Who has spoken to me in the past, 
Who speaks to me in the present, and Who will speak to me in the future. 

I believe in the Lord and His Spirit, Who created the conditions for my 

I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, Who came to save the world. 



I believe in You, Lord, Who has spoken to me in the past. 

I believe in You, Lord, Who speaks to me now. 

I believe in You, Lord, Who will speak to me in the future. 

May Your Name be glorified, and may we live in Your Glory. 

May Your Kingdom be established, and may we partake in Your Joy. 

May Your Will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven, and may we work together 
with You. 

Amen - So Be It! 


Whenever you call Me, I will hear you, because I am the Holy God, the mighty 
Spirit, and I am fast in helping. Justice, Purity, Faith, Hope and Love do not 
endure any hesitation or hypocrisy. 

Get out any anger! God is not a God of anger, but of gentleness. He does not 
accept gossip and ingratitude. 

Have full trust in the Lord, Who is unchanging and persistent in His promises 
and God will bless you, because He knows why He has sent you on Earth and 
no one could stop or frustrate His intentions. 

God is strong in everything. 


I am in the Sacred Oneness. I have come to bless you. 

The kingdom of My Father is near and the day of the Sacred Oneness 

I come to do the Will of the Eternal God Jehovah: the Father of the future 
centuries, the Lord of Glory, the Lord of Power, the Lord of Holiness, the Lord 
of Love in all and everything. 

Blessed are those who love Him and who are beloved, for theirs is the 
Kingdom, Peace, Joy and Life. 

Blessed be the Lord now and forever. 




I will visit you at the proper time to bless you. 

Am I not a Measure, a Sacred Path, Truth, Understanding, Reason, Wisdom, 
Justice, Mercy, Love, Faith, Hope and Gentleness? 

Truth is My real virtue. My Love is unhesitating and My gentleness abides 
throughout the ages. 

May My Peace rest upon you and the Presence of My Spirit dawn upon you. 

Receive My blessing. I am God the Lord, Savaot, Jehovah, Elohim, God 
Unchanging and Eternal. I am forever and ever One, Who I AM and Who 
creates according to the Willingness of His Own Spirit. I am your Spirit Who 
enlightens you, Who teaches you in knowledge and Wisdom and makes you 

more conscious. 

Creating My kingdom, I give comfort to you and support you. I always speak 
to you. My eye is vigilant. My hand is helpful. 

Bless now the Lord in your heart and sanctify Him. Rejoice in this - to love 
and serve Him with all your soul and all your heart. 

Lord, be blessed now and forever. May Your name be glorified. 



THE LORD JESUS CHRIST is Salvation and Hope for the world. 

This thought is consoling for all those who believe in Him. 

How happy we are that we have a Friend in Heaven - He has stood up for us; 
He is a Savior and a Lord, guiding us in our life. 

We have a Comforter, the Holy Spirit, Who purifies and supports us, Who 
brings us peace and every joy granted us by God - the Father of our Lord Jesus 

You should pray unceasingly, you should be grateful for everything, you 
should always rejoice, because that is the Will of God for you in Jesus Christ. 

Christ Himself prayed every night. He had a great deal of knowledge, but He 
spent hours in prayer after midnight. During these hours He was filled with 
energy like a dynamo. He then used that energy during the day. In other words, 
we draw energy from God while praying. 

Christ teaches: "Watch and pray!" 


Thoughts of God form the human being and His ideas enlighten the human 
heart and mind. 

God presents the diversity of Life and His Love is a ceaseless spring for those 
who seek Him. From now on, all waiting for the Lord will rejoice in Him. We 
will sing a new song to the Lord. The revival of the Spirit is a new 
transformation of the human heart. The Lord will place eternal Daylight and 
Righteousness in it. The prophet said, 'I will give them new hearts'. This is the 
New Kingdom of God, which Jesus introduced into our hearts; and we are 

members of this Kingdom of Daylight; we are all united in this Great and 
Sacred Heart of the Lord Jesus. 

You have to do your inner work, increasing the power of your faith and 
strengthening the spirit of your prayers. In fact, every good service comes due 
to the Servants of God and every good act comes from God. 

Exercise yourself in all virtues. Encircle yourself with the Power of Faith, put 
on the Dress of Love. Call Patience to help you and strengthen it with your 
Noble character and Tenderness. 

Give place to Gentleness in your soul and call its children - Selflessness and 
Meekness together with Politeness and Good nature. And when you do all this, 
give thanks to God for His help to guard you from evil and to place you in His 
abode in safety. Sing and praise the Lord in your souls, because your salvation 
is reality and Heaven is your home. 

The Lord is reigning, clothed in Magnificence. Your prayer will be meaningful 
when it comes from the bottom of the heart. It will not comply with any rules 
or laws. When you pray in the right way, you turn to God, breathing the elixir 
of Life. Do not seek assistance until you have not found it inside. Concentrate 
your mind and direct your prayer to the Heart of God, so that you can take in 
some Divine streams. When you sense them passing through your heart, then 
you will be able to pray. The Light coming from God is pleasant. This Light of 
Immortality, attained only by praying, could do only Good, solving all difficult 
problems. When you pray, forget everything around you; become invisible. 
Praying is a Divine act. 

When my heart engages my spirit, then my soul will engage all those who are 
in harmony with me. Pray for one another. The Spirits of Light are amongst us 
all the time and they follow us in order to help us. It is enough to call them in 
the Name of God's Love and they will manifest themselves. 

In conclusion, my brothers, honest and good workers in all fields of the 
common activity in the Kingdom of Truth, who are working for the 
enlightenment of the world and for improving the fate of each suffering person 
in it, receive the Blessing of God. 

May His Peace and Joy, transcending each mind, fill your hearts. And may the 
God of Truth bless His work forever and ever. 

You, who love the Lord, come now to bow to Him in Spirit and Truth, for He 
is our God, our Father throughout the ages. 


There is no greater thing in Life than prayer. 

No knowledge, no love, no wisdom in the world can be compared to prayer, to 
a person's communion with the Primary Principle. 

There is no greater moment than that when one raises one's eyes towards God. 

To pray means to direct one's mind, heart, soul and spirit towards the Great 
Source of Life from which we have emerged. 

Prayer is a conversation of the soul with God, in which people confess their 
mistakes, rectify themselves and give thanks for all good things which they 
receive every day. 

To pray means to send your report about the work you have done to That 
Center from which you have emerged. In reply you will receive peace and 

True prayer means the awakening of the Divine within the human being. 

It concentrates human thinking, human feeling and human will in a single 

Such prayer is mighty; it can accomplish miracles. 

If you persevere in prayer, you will always be joyful and happy; you will feel 
the Presence of God and will see that the Lord is true. 

Prayers made with love are always received. 

You will know that your prayer is received by that quiet joy, by that inner 
light, which will help you in resolving various tasks. 

If you do not succeed in your prayer, you may seek the help of one, two or 
three persons, depending on the need. 

Whoever prays from the bottom of their heart will invariably receive an 

Without prayer a person cannot make progress and leam. 

Everything, which is done without prayer is difficult for the human spirit. 

Knowledge or love or food without prayer is tedious to people. 

Just as breathing is necessary for the body, so is prayer necessary for the soul. 

Prayer is the most sacred action - the sole prerogative of the soul. 

Prayer is not subject to any rule or limitation. If you pray correctly, you are 
always turned to God; no other image should exist in your mind. 

Prayer is a conscious process of the human soul; it is the inner spiritual food of 
the soul; so it has a magical power. 

When a person prays, they activate all their virtues simultaneously: Love, 
Wisdom, Truth, Justice, Compassion, Goodness and many other virtues. 

Prayer is a Divine impulse. When it comes to you, you should not delay, but 
enter the secret chamber of your heart and start praying. 

Prayer is an initiation to Divine life; prayer brings bliss. 

Prayer is a method for resolving the three most difficult human tasks: 

- to know yourself, 

- to know your neighbor, and 
to know God. 

All our works will be successful, if we begin with prayer. 

We can pray at any time and in every circumstance because prayer relates to 
all spheres and moments of life. 

Prayer has the power to heal any infirmities and illnesses, to purify one's mind 
and heart. 

Pray to be liberated from all impurities, which tarnish you! 

Prayer is even stronger when people undergo the greatest suffering and 

In all circumstances prayer has the power to help! 

In all conditions of life, in joy and sorrow, we should think of God. 

We always need to pray! 

Each one of you is preparing to become a citizen of the Kingdom of God, for 
which you should have the correct attitude towards God, towards your own 
soul and towards your neighbors. But you cannot establish these correct 
attitudes until you have a main idea within yourself. 

You should concentrate all your forces on one aim - to develop the Divine in 
yourself and to give it precedence over the human. 

Appraise the Divine within yourselves - your mind, your heart, your soul and 
your spirit. 

Learn to love your soul and you will be of help to yourselves. 

The more you believe in your own internal forces and possibilities, the more 
rapidly you will develop. 

The law is: maintain contact with the Heart of Nature, with the Mind of the 
Sun and with the Soul of the Universe: there is one Heart in Nature, one Mind 
in the Sun, one Soul in the Universe, one Spirit in Eternity. And above 
everything is One God. 

"When I pray, THE GOOD PRAYER takes me 15 minutes, the 91st PSALM - 
20 minutes, THE PATH OF LIFE - also 20 minutes. When I read THE 
LORD'S PRAYER, it takes me half an hour and when I get to the PRAYER 
OF THE KINGDOM it takes me another half an hour. 

If you are in a hurry when you pray, nothing will be achieved. 

15 minutes represent the law, by means of which all misunderstandings are 

20 minutes is the law of creation and work, 30 minutes is the law of 

Whoever does not understand these laws will be discouraged, while whoever 
understands them will use the 15, 20 and 30 minutes in prayer and in reading 
the Bible." 



When you say the Lord's Prayer, give the following meaning to the words: Our 
Father, Who are in our minds, may Your Light come to my mind, so that it will 

be able to perceive. May Your Will be within all my undertakings, in all my 
thoughts and feelings, in all my actions. May Your Will be present even in my 
breathing and in my blood circulation, so that I can serve You in Joy and Love. 
'Lead us not into temptation' means: Lord, give us knowledge and wisdom, so 
that we cannot fall into temptation through our ignorance. ('Sacred Words of 
the Master', p.65) 


Our Father in Heaven, 

Hallowed be Your name. 

Your kingdom come. 

Your Will be done - on Earth as it is in heaven. 

Give us this day our daily bread. 

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. 

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. 

For Yours is the kingdom, the Power and the Glory, forever. 


Given by the Master Beinsa Douno in 1900 

The Good Prayer is a password. You can pass everywhere by reading it. When 
you say "Lord God", you will go through the first door. You will pass through 
as many doors as there are sentences in it. The Good Prayer is sacred, as 
originating from God; and the Spirit of God vivifies it every day. Thus it is 
daily up-dated and never gets old. You shall read the Good Prayer in deep 
inspiration. You shall call the presence of the Spirit by your praying; you shall 
be very serene and master your mind. In this way you will form and send out 
that mighty force, those waves, which will attract the Power of God and will 
activate the Spirit. Then everyone will receive that gentleness and joy which 
you seek. 

"Prayers and directions of the Master", 1925 

The Good Prayer 

Lord God, our tender Heavenly Father, Who has given us Life and health to 
rejoice in You - we pray to You: send us Your Spirit to shelter and protect us 
from every evil and cunning thought. 

Teach us to do Your Will, to sanctify Your Name and to glorify You always. 

Enlighten our spirit, guide also our hearts and minds to keep Your 
commandments and instructions. 

By Your presence, inspire within us Your pure thoughts and guide us to serve 
You with joy. 

Bless our lives, which we dedicate to You for the sake of our brothers and our 

Sustain us and help us to grow in knowledge and in Wisdom, to learn from 
Your Word and to abide in Your Truth. 

Guide us in everything we think and do in Your name, so that Your Kingdom 
may come on Earth. 

Nurture our souls with Your Heavenly bread and fill us with Your Power, so 
that we may succeed in life. And as You give us all Your blessings, supply 
Your Love as well, so that it may become for us an everlasting law. 

For Yours is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, forever. 



The Good Prayer and Psalm 91 used together attain such a great spiritual 
force that they can even save one's life in death strains. 

They were recommended by the Master to some of the soldiers who were sent 
to the fronts during the Second World War. 

You who dwell in the shelter of the Most High, 
who abide in the shadow of the Almighty. 

Say to the Lord, "My refuge and my fortress, 
my God, in Whom I trust." 

For He will rescue you from the snare of the fowler, 
from the destroying pestilence. 

With His pinions, He will cover you; and under His wings, you shall take 

His faithfulness is a buckler and a shield. 

You shall not fear the terror of the night 
nor the arrow that flies by day, 

Not the pestilence that roams in the darkness 
nor the devastating plague at noon; 

Though a thousand fall at your side, ten thousand at your right side, 
near you it shall not come. 

Rather with you eyes you shall behold 
and see the requital of the wicked. 

Because you have made the Lord your refuge 
and the Most High your strong hold, 

No evil shall befall you, 

nor shall affliction come near your tent, 

For to His Angels, He has given command about you 
that they guard you in all your ways. 

Upon their hands, they shall bear you up, 
lest you dash your foot against a stone. 

You shall thread upon the asp and the viper; 
you shall trample down the lion and the dragon. 

Because he clings to Me, I will deliver him; 

I will set him on high because he acknowledges My Name. 

He shall call upon Me and I will answer him; 

I will be with him in distress. 

I will deliver him and glorify him; 

With length of days, I will gratify him 
and will show him My salvation. 


Bless the Universal Brotherhood of Light that is now present amongst the 
Bulgarians and the Slavic nations. Strengthen its Spirit. Give faith, confidence 
and hope in You to those who follow Your Path, in order to revive and glorify 
You through all the future ages. 

Do this, Lord our God, for the sake of Your Holy Name, by which You are 
known throughout the centuries, above in Heaven and on Earth below. May 
Your Name be sanctified amongst all those impeding Your Sacred Work and 
make them know You are the only One in Whom betrayal is excluded and 
Who is always strong to help and to redeem. 

Disperse the enemies of Your Kingdom, Lord, from before Your Face, and we 
shall glorify You with a pure heart, as You assist and strengthen us to chase 
away the cunning spirits of hell who wish to damage Your Holy Cause. You, 
God, now work alone with Your mighty Hand. And do it for the sake of our 
Lord Jesus Christ Whose name You deigned to call You. 

And let the rulers of this nation become aware that there is no other Lord or 
God besides You. You are the only One. 


O Lord my God, 

My soul trusts in You. Hear my supplication and give heed to my prayer. 
Elevate my spirit and give comfort to my heart. 

Show me the Light of Your face. 

Lord, for the sake of Your mercy, support me with the presence of Your Holy 

Lord, may Your Kingdom come, Your Justice be fulfilled, Your Truth beam 
out, Your Love be established and You, Lord Jesus Christ, the Only-Begotten 
Son of the Living God, dwell in Your fullness within my soul. 

And may there be Glory on the Lord God the Father, manifested in the Spirit 
of His Word throughout the ages. 



This Prayer is from the black and white shepherd's plaid pocketbook of the 
Master, in which he noted his reflections in the period from 3.03.1899 up to 

Lord Jesus, Agnus Dei, 

May Your blessing be with me day and night. 

Lord, You are my fullness. In You my soul will find the strength to stand. 
Without You life will perish, the spirit will be weakened. 

Lord, my hope of any age in this waterless and desert land, in which my spirit 
is depressed, You said that living water would spring forth even in the desert 
for those who trust in You. Lord, I wish to see Your Face in this land, so that 
my spirit will rejoice in Your Mercy. Dress my soul in Your Strength and 

Lord, You have always supported me and helped me with Your Kindness, You 
have always empowered me with Your Spirit. Will You hear me again and 
give me answer, so that others may know that You are my God and You have 

sent me to do Your Will. 


Lord, my God - 

Make so that I can see Your Face. 

Gladden me for the sake of Your Name. 

Bless me for the sake of Your Mercy. 

Enlighten me for the sake of Your Spirit. 

Exalt me for the sake of Your Word. 

Help me for the sake of Your Promise. 

Guide me for the sake of Your Truth. 

Support me for the sake of Your Justice. 

And blessed be You, Lord, for ever, 

For You are Kind and Truthful towards all. 



This prayer was given by the Master Beinsa Douno at the annual meeting of 
the Spiritual Circle on August 16, 1909 - Sunday 

Lord our God, 

May our prayer rise up before Your Face. 

May Your Spirit come and mayYour Word abide in our hearts, for the sake of 
Your Love - You have cherished us with it. 

Gentle Heavenly Father, Abba! 

May Your Kingdom come! 

May Your will be done! 

May Your Name be sanctified on Earth! 

This is the desire of our souls. This is the need, which we constantly feel in this 

Great Lord of all Power and Might, stand behind Your Cause. Inspire the 
hearts of all those whom You have chosen to be called the seed of Your Glory 
and Greatness. 

Our gentle Lord, lead us with Your merciful Hand. Enlighten us, so that we do 
not stray from Your Word and we do not transgress Your Law. Lead us like a 
good shepherd to the green pastures and clear springs. 

You, One Lord and Savior of the world, known before all the Ages of Light, 
One in the Streaming Daylight of my life - expand my soul, increase my spirit, 
renew my heart, enlighten my mind, so that I may glorify You now and 



Lord God, Our Savior of all Power and Might, of all Truth and Love, of all 
nations and authority, 

Source of all Blessings in our life, 

Send us Your Gentle Spirit to guide and sustain us on the Path of Life, to 
enlighten our minds, to illuminate our hearts and to give us strength and 
vitality, so that we may do Your Gentle Will. Forgive us our transgressions, 
which we confess before You - they have estranged us from Your Fatherly 
Love. Erase them from the book of Your Recollections, and grant us the Peace 
of Your Spirit. 

Let Your Face shine upon us now, so that we may become images of Your 
Love, messengers of Your Truth and servants of Your Justice. Bless the nation 
in which we live. Bless our brothers and sisters with whom we work. Bless all 
mothers and fathers who do Your Will. Hear the voices of all who are suffering 
on the face of the Earth and bless them. Bless our Master, Who is leading us in 
Your Sacred Path. 

Blessed are You, Lord our God. Blessed is Your Name from ages past, for You 
are the Way, the Truth and Life and no other God exists, but You. You are the 

only One. 


Lord of Tenderness, God of Love - 
We call upon You in Your Mercy. 

We accept the sufferings, which You send us with joy in our heart. 

We accept the difficulties, which You give to us for the strengthening of our 

We will fulfill Your Gentle Will without hesitating or vacillating. 

Send us Your Spirit to bring into our hearts, our minds and our souls the Fruit 
of Your Love, the Blessing of Joy and Peace, the Foundation of Your Patience 
and Compassion. 

Grant us the Gift of Faith, Humility and Temperance. 

Bless us as You have always blessed us. 

Make Your Name dear to our souls. 

Establish Your Kingdom in our souls. 

Nourish our souls with Your Word that all Your Virtues may be fortified in us. 

May Your Radiant Spirits of Love, Faith and Hope abide within us now and 
forever together with You. 

We bring You praise, Glory be to You, the One Lord and God of the Great 



1. Lord, may Your Spirit come upon my spirit - to fill my heart and soul with 
Your Presence, and to strengthen my feet in every Righteousness. 

I bow before the Eternal Rock out of which I have been carved. 

Blessed is Your Name, Lord. 

Strengthen me and uplift me that I may serve You with gladness. 

2. Lord, my God, may Your Spirit come and enlighten my mind, illuminate my 
heart and fill my soul with every joy and exaltation. 

I bow before You, the Eternal Source Who has always redeemed me. 

Wash my feet and cleanse my heart, bleach my soul so that I may be pure and 
sacred before You. 

Blessed are You, Lord, my God! 

3. Lord, my God, may Your Blessing come upon my spirit to fill my heart and 
my soul with the Sweet Fruits of Your Spirit, to make my feet firm with the 
Strength of Your Presence. 

I bow before Your Eternal Spirit Who vivifies me and resurrects me from the 

Protect me, Lord, with Your Sacred Name. 

Strengthen me that I may serve You with joy and gladness and be one with 
You, Lord Jesus Christ as You are One with the Father. 


Prayer of the Disciple 

Lord of Light, of all Abundance and Gentleness, 

About which my Master has spoken to me and he is still speaking, 

Reveal Yourself to me as You deign, as it is pleasing to You. 

I am ready to fulfill Your Will without any deviation, without any hesitation, 

any doubt. And I will be as loyal and truthful, Lord, as You are Loyal and 

For the sake of the Name of my Master, through Whom You have spoken to 
me, may I always rejoice in the Presence of Your word, in the Manifestation of 

Your Great and Sacred Spirit. And may I always be like the little children of 
Your Kingdom - obedient, diligent, constant, patient, content in Your 
Boundless Love, which You show towards all the weak and infirm who seek 
the Path of Your Eternal Light, in which You dwell. 

Enlighten me, I pray You, Lord, and let not the Presence of Your Gentle Spirit 
move away from my soul, from my heart, from my mind, from my will. 

Lord, may I be a bearer of Your Word, a performer of Your Will; may I always 
do what is pleasing to You, what You want. 

May Your Spirit dwell in my soul, may I rejoice in the Presence of Your Light, 
for the sake of the Name of my Master with whose Name You are known in 
the world. 



When you read this Prayer, you should be very careful. Do not hurry, but 
concentrate your mind. Begin from the heart; put your heart and your mind in 
their places. Direct them to God and pronounce this Prayer. (We read the 
Prayer of the Spirit for the first time kneeling on our right legs and lifting our 
right hands.) We need to think that all said in the Prayer will come true and 
will be fulfilled in our souls. (We read the Prayer once more, but this time with 
lifted left hands.) Falling on our knees, now we shall direct our minds to the 
Lord of Love with the following words: 


We are ready to fulfill Your Sacred Will without the slightest deviation. And 
our whole joy will be in serving You with all our hearts, minds, souls and 
spirits. We wish to know You as Love in us and outside us. 

May You always be present in our thoughts, desires and actions; may You be 
the alpha and omega of our life, the beginning of all Your Mercy and the end 
of all our misunderstandings; the beginning of Truth and the end of falsehood; 
the beginning of Wisdom and the end of foolishness; the beginning of Strength 
and the end of violence. 

May You be a new beginning unlimited and boundless! The beginning of the 
New Light, of the New Life! Come down to our souls, introduce Your Light 
into the New Life. Illuminate the New hearts You have given us. Fill our 
minds with Your Light You have brought into our spirits. Bless us and we will 

spread Your Blessing." 

Only those of you, who are willing to give promise, may use this part of the 
Prayer. ("Lectures, explanations and directions, given by the Master Beinsa 
Douno to the disciples of the Universal Brotherhood of Light at their meeting 
in the town ofVeliko Turnovo in the summer of1922." It was the year of the 
opening of the Esoteric School.) 


Lord our God, 

May Your Kind Spirit come and fold our spirits in His Arms; fill our hearts 
with the Boundless Love that reveals Your Presence everywhere, strengthen 
our hands in every Righteousness and our feet in every Goodness. 

We bow before You, our Eternal Father, Rock of our life. 

Blessed are You, blessed is Your Name in our souls. 

Strengthen and uplift us to begin our serving for the coming of Your Kingdom 
with every Gladness, caused by the manifestation of Your Love to us. 

You are the only One, Who knows us and Whom we know - for You bring 
Light to our souls, Expanse to our minds, Increase to our power, Strength to 
our spirits and Fullness to our hearts. You are the Crown and Glory of our life. 



We thank You, our Father, for the Great Love with which You have loved us. 

We thank You for the Life which You have given us. 

We thank You for the Mind which you have put in us. 

We thank You for the Virtues which You have placed as a Foundation of our 

We thank You for the Justice with which You have surrounded us. 

We thank You for the Love with which You have filled us. 

We thank You for Your Great Wisdom and we glorify You for Your Truth 
with which You have enlightened us. 

We rejoice in the Life which You have given us and we fulfill Your Will. 
Because of the Spirit Whom You have sent to lead us, be blessed by all of us, 
now and forever more. 



Lord, our God, of all Inner Fullness of Life, we stand before Your Face, 
according to Your Great Mercy, which brings the Light of Your Face, a gift for 
our souls. 

We have purified our mouths and Your Glory fills our speech. We glorify You, 
we praise You. Your Tender Spirit has cleansed our hearts and we exalt Your 
Name and receive the great joy, which it brings into our life. 

Your Great Spirit has cleansed our minds and we feel the boundless inner 
desire to work for the Glory of Your Holy Name and to spread Your Great 
Thoughts throughout the world. You have purified our souls and we feel the 
sacred yearning for Eternity, in which You dwell, we wish to work for the 
good of our dear ones and for the good of our souls. 

According to Your Mercy, which dwells only in You, bless us, illuminate us, 
lift us up, strengthen us, resurrect us and fill our souls with Your Kind Spirit, 
so that we may always serve You with joy and gladness. May we carry the 
Image of Your Wisdom, the Foundation of Your Goodness and the Purity of 
Your Justice. 



/Lozinka is a diminutive form of'vine'- loza/ 

O Lord, bless and strengthen our souls! 

1. We pray to our Heavenly Father for glorifying and sanctifying the Name of 
the Lord - our God on Earth, among humanity, among the believers and 
among the elect from the Circle of the God of Glory - the Savior, the 

Protector, Who raises and resurrects the dead and establishes law and order 
everywhere. And blessed be the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ - the 
Manifested Word of God and with Him all those who love Him. 

2. We pray to our Heavenly Father for the coming of the Kingdom of God on 
Earth among the people, in the hearts of the believers and in the souls of the 
elect. And may every Justice, every Good, every Wisdom and every Truth be 
put into action. May the Lord our God come to reign and may the words of the 
Lord: "The Lord has deigned to give you a kingdom." be carried out. 

And may the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ be instilled among us and may the 
preordained intention of our Father of Lights and of the Radiant Spirits be 
fulfilled, and may there be Glory and Honor, and adoration towards Him now, 
at all times and throughout all ages. 

3. We pray to our Heavenly Father for the fulfillment of the Will of our Lord 
God on Earth, as it is in Heaven, among the Bright Angelic Faces. And may 
the Law of Truth, Love and Justice be established, so that we may be all in 
One body and One spirit. And may there be order, harmony and praise so that 
we may be given knowledge how to glorify Him; and may we all rejoice in the 
Lord and His Deeds. And may He be instilled in our life and in the Work of 
His Hands. And may He give life and health, and longevity to all those who 
trust in Him. And may He deliver them from all the deeds of evil and of the sly 
one. May He bring peace into their souls. May He give them abundance of His 

May the Lord our God remember His Promises. May He have mercy on all 
those who suffer. May He bless all believers, may He strengthen His elect, 
may He give them Strength, Knowledge, Wisdom and Love to prevail due to 
Him and in His Holy Name. May He give us victory over our enemies, to win 
to the end and to serve the Lord with joy and gladness throughout all the days 
of our life. 

May He illuminate us with the Light of His Face and make us strong and firm, 
so that we may accomplish His Good Will. May we walk before Him with 
fullness, in wisdom and equanimity. May He heal all our suffering brothers 
and sisters. May He bless their homes and also their children. May He bless all 
the good initiatives of their bodies, souls and spirits. 

And thus may the Lord our God be exalted within us as He is in heaven. 



Lord, I am ready yet now to fulfill Your Will that moves every living creature 
in the world. 

If I have found a blessing in Your Presence, may I feel Your Joy in the Name 
of Your Love, Wisdom and Truth. 

Lord, place me in the Fire of Your Love! 

Lord, what should I do for the Triumph of Your Kingdom on Earth and for the 
Illumination of Your Name for humanity. 

Lord, teach me to think about my brothers and sisters as You think about them. 


/given to a group often persons/ 

Lord God, make us as stable as diamonds, so that we may become the 
foundation of the New universe. 

Make us like conductors in Your Living Church, so that we may transmit the 
Divine Life to others. 

Illuminate us with the Power of Your Holy Spirit, so that we may awaken the 
sleeping souls with the Word, Thought and Deed. 

Reveal in us, dear Lord, Your Divine Essence, help us to gather strength, so 
that we may know the Truth, that we may become Children of Light, that we 
may walk in the Path of Justice, for the realization of Your Plan and for 
coming of Your Kingdom on Earth. 



In a letter dated 22.11.1913 the Master wrote the following about the Prayer of 
the Spirit of the Solid Foundation: 

"Necessities in the human life are five: 

*Healthy body 

*Good heart 

*Bright mind 
*Mighty soul 
*Powerful spirit 

I wrote you a prayer so that you may have a pattern; allow your spirit to 
process, multiply and propagate it. Penetrate the core of its meaning. I wish 
you to be free from all affectations in life. I point out to you five things which 
to develop and to acquire. Only then will you be one with me. Keep this prayer 
as something valuable for you. These things are rarely given. Do not show it to 
anyone. May it be your wealth in the world. You may pray in the way you 
prefer. Keep the sanctified things; do not give them to the unworthy ones. Seek 
the power and the freedom of your spirit. May Christ, the One Living Word, be 
your joy and gladness forever." 


Lord my God, 

My soul trusts in You. Hear my supplication and give heed to my prayer. 
Elevate my spirit and give comfort to my heart. 

Lord, show me the Light of Your face and for the sake of Your mercy support 
me with the Presence of Your Holy Spirit. 


Lord our God, 

Our souls quietly trust in You. 

You have revealed Your Path to us and we see Your Kindness. You have 
shown Your Mercy to us and we see Your Long-suffering. You have 
manifested Your Love to us and we see Your Goodness. You have pointed the 
Truth to us and we see Your Holiness. You have made Your Name known to 
us and we see Your Justice. You have revealed Your Wisdom to us and we see 
Your great deeds. You have turned our hearts and we see Your Presence 
everywhere. You have enlightened our minds and we see Your Creations that 
all of them are good. You have surround us with Your Strength and we know 

Your Might. 

And after all goods and blessings which You have poured down upon us, 
according to Your Inner Fullness, our desire is always to see Your Face and to 
rejoice and be pleased in the completeness of Your Love. 

We thank You for Your concern with which You have surrounded us. We 
thank You that Your Mercy and Kindness always follow us. We thank You 
that You have always listened to us and have always been ready to give us help 
and to support us when we are in need. 

Kindly Lord, Holy Father of Heaven and Earth, deliver us from the wiles of the 
cunning one. Here You have spoken to us and we believe that You will affirm 
us throughout all ages so as to glorify You. 

Lord, our God, Who are changeless, sustain our weak brothers and sisters so 
that they may dwell in You and You may dwell in them, as You dwell in me, 
so that we may all be one - as You are with me, so am I in them so that we 
may become one to glorify You on Earth with the fruits which we will bear in 
justice and mercy - they will enlighten our deeds before people and after 
seeing them, they will glorify You. 

Kindly Father, You Who gives us life and health, Who provides us with bread 
and water and Who satisfies us through the thousands of Your Blessings every 
day, Your Sun rises every morning like a newly-wed and runs in its path which 
You have ordained, bringing and sharing Your blessings, which You have 
bestowed on us. In Your Name it enlivens the whole Earth and Nature, uplifts 
and brings the clouds, waters Its face with rain and moisture, brings out every 
stalk from beneath the black cover of the ground, bestows all their beauty that 
You have initially given on the wild flowers. It gladdens all animals and 
humans whom You have made in Your Image and after Your l ik eness. It 
inspires hope and faith in their hearts, so that they may work and act, while 
telling them that You will bless their labor. 

How many are Your laws! They cannot be numbered. 

We, all Your children, come today to bring You our gratitude, that You have 
dressed us in the Clothes of Life. And how beautiful are these clothes which 
You have put on us. 

Blessed Lord, blessed from all ages, receive now our grateful entreaty. 



Lord, our God, Eternal Beauty and Light of us all, 

May the Harmony of Your life embrace our souls. 

We direct our souls towards You, Source of all Goodness, Who gives life and 
joy to Your children and comforts them at all times. 

Blessed are You, Lord, Who leads us in the Path of Your Light and blesses us 
through the Spirit of Your boundless Mercy and Limitless Love, through 
which Your Glory is revealed. 

Our hearts have quiet confidence in Your Love that revives us. 

We thank You for the beautiful life You have given us, for all good things 
which You constantly do for us. All goods with which You shower us and 
surround us come from You. 

We thank you for the radiant thoughts, sublime feelings and noble impulses 
which Your Sacred Spirit gives us. 

May the Light of Your Wisdom illuminate the minds of all nations. May Your 
Truth shine in every soul and may Your Love flow through every heart so that 
the nations may enter into the World of Love and come to know that Life 
comes from You. 

Do that which You have said that all will bow before You and will glorify 
Your Name. 

Support the leaders of the nations, so that they may accept the Principles of the 
Universal Brotherhood of Light and bring decisions into line with the Divine 
Plan for Brotherhood and Unity among nations. 

May the whole of heaven work with the Master and may His mission be 
crowned with success. May the Word of the Master enlighten every 
consciousness, may It be received and applied all over the world. 

Awaken the Spirit of the Bulgarian people, of the Slavs and of all nations 
which You have called to fulfill their mission. 

Support all Your helpers, give them strength, knowledge, love and inspiration 
to work with joy for Your Great Plan. Send even more workers into Your field. 

Extend Your Blessing upon us, who cannot do anything without Your Power 

and Benediction. 

We desire to live according to the Law of Love, so as to be able through It to 
resolve the questions which stand before the door of our souls and to walk in 
Your Sacred Path. 

Send us each day Your peace and Your Joy. Stretch forth Your hand upon us. 
You have always sustained us with Your Love and we will serve You with our 
whole mind, with our whole heart, with our whole soul and with our whole 
strength. From You we learn the Great Example of Life. 

May our life bear abundant fruit for the Work of the Lord Jesus Christ and may 
it be a holy, living sacrifice, pleasing to Him. May the Holy Spirit of Christ 
inspire us in order to raise us and to act through us. 

Make us a chosen vessel of Your Plan, support us to work for the coming of 
Your Kingdom and its Justice on Earth. Teach us to fulfill constantly Your 
Good Will and to glorify Your Name with our life. Because of Your Love 
accomplish You all this. 



Lord, bless this nation, strengthen it, raise it, give it courage. Wing its spirit, 
give it faith, confidence, hope in You to awaken and glorify You throughout all 
future ages. 

Accomplish this, Lord, our God, because of Your Great Name, by which You 
have been known throughout all ages. 

Make Your Name to shine before all nations and may they know that You are 
the only One, in Whom there is no deceit and Who is always strong to help and 

Disperse our enemies, Lord, from in front of Your Face and we will glorify 
You with a pure heart, when You help us and get over the cunning spirits of 
hell, who wish to spoil Your Work. 

You, Lord, alone do act now with Your Strong Hand. Accomplish this for our 
Lord Jesus Christ, through Whose Name You have blessed us to call upon 



Lord, God of Powers, 

In the Name of Christ, through Which Name You have deigned to call You, 
we, Your children are coming this morning to kneel before You. Our appeal, 
Lord, is to bless and guard the Bulgarian nation, its sacred circle, the priests, 
the ministers, the farmers, the teachers, the traders, the workers of noble 
labour, all mothers and fathers who fulfill Your Will and all good persons who 
work for the coming of Your Kingdom on Earth. May You extend Your Right 
Hand upon them and stroke them. 

Lord, rise Your Face above them and give them Peace! Bless the Bulgarian 
nation in order to overcome all guiles of the evil one and all his dark forces. 

We ask You, bless the soul and the spirit of this nation, so that it can glorify 
You throughout the future centuries. 


I have chosen the Path of Truth! 

I will walk in Your Truth! 

Teach me, Lord, and lead me along Your Way! 

Send me Your Light and Your Truth, 
so that they may guide me! 

Give me faith! 

I believe in You, O Lord! 

/given in Plovdiv/ 

Lord God, 

My soul quivers with joy before the Light of the new day, which illuminates 

I thank You for having woken me at this early hour when You are glorified by 

the wise, the birds and the pure flowers. 

I thank You for making me a gift of another day of life, and for calling me to 
pursue my work on Earth healthy and restored. 

I thank You for giving me the chance to accomplish Your Good Will, to 
manifest it with Love and Wisdom, serving also my brothers and sisters. 

I ask You to grant me the Presence of Your Tender Spirit, that I may listen to 
Your guidance like a devoted child and that my soul may not stray from Your 

Give me strength, vigilance and love to live for my entire elevation and that of 
all humanity and all creatures and for coming of the Kingdom of God on Earth. 

May the Eternal Sun of Your Love illuminate with its light my soul and those 
of all my brothers and sisters on the face of the Earth. 

May Your Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice and Virtues begin to reign in the 
human life! 

May all human beings become One with Christ and the Radiant Angels, One 
with You and The Great Brotherhood of Light! 



1.1 set my hopes upon God with all my heart and all my mind. 

I wish to know Him in every way, and He will set right my path in life. 

2. May Love, Faith and Hope unite in our hearts, and may God be glorified in 
our souls. 

/to be said 3 times/ 

3.1 will serve God with all my mind, with all my heart and all my will. 

I will walk in the Lord's Path with my love, my faith and my strength. 

And I will come to know God in my life with my heart and my mind. 


4. The Eternal Life exists that I may come to know You, the One True God and 

Jesus Christ Whom You have sent. 

5. God is Love. 

"If you love Me, you will keep My Word." 


You have sent me to the Earth. 

You have given me life and health. 

You have given me heart, mind and soul 
that I may do Your Will and glorify You. 

I will do Your Will and I will glorify You. 

And after I fulfill God's Will and after God will have blessed me, 

I will do what is good for my soul and will help those close to me. 



Thank You, Lord, for protecting me so kindly during this night. Help me not to 
aggrieve You with any sin so that I may spend this day safely and pleasing 


Thank You, Lord, for giving me life and health. Fill my heart with love and 
strengthen my will so that I may accomplish Your Will. May everything I do 
be done in Your Name and for Your Glory. 


Lord, I ask You to fill me with the energies of Life. May they penetrate every 
cell of my body, bringing it strength and health; may they strengthen my spirit 
in accomplishing the task assigned to me on Earth. 


Lord, thank You for the gift of Life so that I may serve You today. Bless my 
soul, o Lord! 

I thank You that I have risen today to accomplish my work as I should where 
ever I go. May I grow as much as I should. Thank You, God for the great bliss, 
that You have for us. We know that You are all-gentle, all-truthful and all¬ 
wise. Thank You, God, for everything You have given me and taught me. 


Bless, O Lord, my soul. Cleanse me, God, from evil thoughts. I thank You for 
the Great Goodness which You have shown towards me. I know You as good, 
all-merciful, all-truthful and all-wise. Thank You, Lord, I thank You for 
everything You have given me and taught me. 



Lord, lead me towards Your Great Understanding, fortified by Your Good 

Lord, bless my brothers and sisters as You have blessed me. 

I will serve You as You have taught me, I will spread Your Love according to 
Your Will. 

I thank You, Lord, for every good, which You have given me and taught me. 

I thank You, Master, that You have preserved my life and health today as 



O, Great Love, the Source of all good things in my life. 

Give me, as your child, Your support 
that I may gain in knowledge. 

I am aware of my connection with You 
for You are my Inspiration. 

I have no fear of earthly temptations 

for I believe that the fulfillment of my mission is to unite with You. 

(continue with uplifted hands) 

Please, my God, infuse me with the living Powers of the Cosmos 
to penetrate every cell of my body, bringing life and health to it, 
to strengthen my spirit, so that I may fulfill the mi ssion, 
for which I have come to Earth. 


Lord, enlighten my mind, bless my heart, strengthen my will, my memory and 
my faith so as to justify my existence and to solve the task for which I have 
come on Earth. 

Lord, please send Your Spirit to bring into my heart, into my mind and my soul 
the Fruit of Love, the Blessings of Joy and Peace - the Foundation of Your 
Patience and Loving Kindness. 



Most kindly Lord, pour the Light of Divine Wisdom into my mind, so that I 
may understand Your Laws; immerse my heart in the Warmth of Your Love, 
so that I may accomplish the smallest good deed and illuminate my path 
towards You with the Radiance of Divine Truth, so that I may return to Your 
Bosom and fulfill Your Will. 


Lord, may no lie come forth from my lips, I will speak only Truth. 

I will fulfill only that which You wish. I will not spend my life doing nothing 

I will willingly accomplish all Your wishes. I will follow You not because You 
have made Heaven and Earth, but because You are Unique, Infinite and 
Eternal, Who contains everything within Yourself. 

Bless me, O Lord, I thank You for all You have given me and for all You have 
taught me. Help me to increase the freedom of my soul, the strength of my 
spirit, the light of my mind and the goodness of my heart. 


Thank You, Lord, for the great blessing, which You gave us. We know You as 
ever-merciful, ever-wise, ever-loving and ever-kind. 


May Your Light enlighten our minds. With This Light may we solve that 
Divine question which sits before the door of our souls. 


Lord, we thank You for the beautiful life, for this beautiful world, which You 
have created around us. We wish to live according to this Love, which You 
have placed in our souls. 


We thank You, Lord, that we have been bom in this time. 

We thank You that You have awakened us and called us into the Fold of the 
Brotherhood of Light. 

We beseech You, through the Power of Your Spirit, the Great Spirits of the 
Living God and our contact through Your Word, that those souls in the world 

who do not yet know You should awaken. 

Bless all those who join in Your Work. Increase their number, so that they may 
work in the Divine Field for coming of the Kingdom of God on Earth. 


Ever-present and Compassionate God, 

In the Name of the Lord Who has spoken to Your servant, let Your Healing 
come through us, Your servants, for the Glory of Your Name. 

We thank You that You have heard us. 

You alone are our God and we have no other God but You. 

It is You Alone Who is always able to heal, and Your Healing means health for 
the soul and for the body. 

Restore the harmonious activity between the mind and the soul, between the 
soul and the body. 

Turn the fount of the heart to good and the forces of the body to purposeful 

Let this our brother/sister (name) who is suffering receive Your Mercy that we 
may all rejoice in the Presence of Your Love, Kindness and Power. 

(To be said on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 7.00 a.m. and 9.00 a.m.) 


(to be said at bedtime) 

O, my Lord, 

As I sleep tonight, surround me with Your Light and protect me for I go 
Beyond to study, to pray and to work. 

God of Power, send Your Holy Spirit to illuminate my room with Your Light 
and with the Power of Your Spirit, surround my bed with the fiery circle of 
Your Love that my room and all of my house may be free from every evil 

Perfection in Your Love will be the meaning of my life. 

Your perfect Love casts out every fear from my soul and brings peace and joy 
to my spirit. 

/Offer yourself before the Face of God/ 

Bless me, O God! 

I thank You for all that You have given me. 

Help me that the freedom of my soul and the strength of my spirit, the light of 
my mind and the purity of my heart may be increased. 

O Lord, I desire that Your Love, Your Wisdom, Your Righteousness and Your 
Goodness abide within me forever. 

Let the Kingdom of God be established within us and among us. 

Let God remove all obstacles from the Path of His Kingdom. 

God, illuminate our minds and grant us light and knowledge so that we may 
understand Your Will and do It. 


(3 times) 

1. Lord, rest the soul of brother/sister (name) whom You have taken beyond 
according to Your Will. Place him/her in luminous places in Your domicile. 

Grant him/her Your Spiritual Virtues. 

Let him/her rise, awaken, and see Your Glory and greatness. 

Let his/her soul rejoice for Your Kindness and Love. 

Let Eternal Peace and Eternal Light reign within his/her soul. 

12. Lord, grant light and peace to our beloved brother/sister(name). 

Make straight his/her path by leading him/her to Yourself. 

Shed light on his/her path, send to him/her souls which will guide, instruct and 
assist him/her on the path that leads him/her to You. 

Lord, accept (name) in Your Bosom. Enfold him/her with Your Boundless 
Love and lead him/her in the Light of Your Wisdom. 

Lord, bless (name)and let him/her advance from Light to Light, from Bliss to 
Bliss, and from Freedom to Freedom. 

Lord, bless(name). 

Grant peace to his/her soul and Eternal Light to his/her path. 



The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. 

He made me lie down in green pastures; 

He led me beside the still waters; 

He restored my soul. 

He led me in paths of righteousness for His Name's sake. 

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, 

I will fear no evil, for You are with me; 

Your Rod and Your Staff, they comfort me. 

You prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies; 

You anointed my head with oil; 

My cup overflows. 

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; 

And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever. 


The formulas are meaningful expressions given by the Master Beinsa Douno - 
Peter Deunov for strengthening the spirit and perfecting the individual. Some 
of them are connected with texts from the Bible and the Scriptures. 

They represent powerful spiritual aphorisms, condensed Light, infinitely 
powerful words. 

Others are condensed types of prayer affirmations which are used either as 
invocations or in specific situations as suggested below: formulae for health, 
for Joy, for Contemplation; they are also a moral law. 

Many of these formulas are repeated 3 times, as indicated: once for the Divine 
world, once for the spiritual world and once for the physical world. 


Love the perfect path of Truth and Life. Place Good as the foundation of your 
house, Justice as a measure, Love as adornment, Wisdom as a wall of defense, 
Truth as the light. Only then will you come to know Me and I will reveal 
Myself to you. 

The disciple must have: 

A heart as pure as crystal, A mind as bright as the Sun, A soul as vast as the 
universe, A spirit as mighty as God 

And one with God. 

/3 times/ 

In the fulfillment of the Will of God lies the strength of the human soul. 

God reigns in Heaven, God reigns on Earth, blessed be His Name. 
13 times/ 

Lord, our God, may Your Kingdom come on Earth, as it is in Heaven, and may 
all nations whom You have called take their place in Your Kingdom, in order 
to serve You with joy and gladness. 

/3 times/ 

May the Peace of God and the Blessing of God encompass and enfold the 
whole Earth. 

/3 times/ 

God's Love brings fullness of life, 

God's Wisdom brings fullness of light, 

God's Truth brings perfect freedom! 

Great is God in Love! 

Great is God in Wisdom! 

Great is God in Truth! 

In Love God instructs, 

In Wisdom God enlightens, 

In Truth God liberates. 

Merciful and compassionate is the Lord 
And His Kindness is above all things. 

His exaltation sustains everything. 

Everything lives and moves in the Lord. 

He is gladness and joy in all that lives in the world. 

Lord, we wish to receive the Spirit of Love /3 times/. 

Lord, we wish to receive the Spirit of Wisdom/3 times/. 

Lord, we wish to receive the Spirit of Truth/3 times/. 

Blessed is Your Name, Lord, now and forever. 

Lord, may Your Spirit of Love, Your Spirit of Wisdom, Your Spirit of Truth 
arise in our hearts. 

May we be 
As pure as Light, 

As transparent as water, 

As abundant as Love, 

As radiant as Truth, 

As harmonious as Wisdom, 

As firm and unshakeable as Justice, 

As stable as Virtue. 

God is Love. 

God is All-wise. 

God is Gentle. 

Great are You, O Lord. 

Great are Your Deeds. 

Great is Your Name above all. 

I see You and love You 
In everything and everyone. 


Merciful, holy and kind Lord, 

Show me the Light of Your face 
So that I may do Your Will. 

For Your sake, Lord, Who has been living in my soul from all eternity, I wish 
to leam and serve You. 

Lord, I wish with my whole heart, with my whole mind, with my whole soul 
and strength to fulfill Your Good Will, without any exception. 

Lord, with the power of Your Love and Wisdom, may the Virtues which You 
have planted in my soul from the beginning grow within me; I will apply my 
whole strength towards the fulfillment of Your Will. 

God has placed everything in my soul. 

I wish to do the Will of God, to fulfill the Divine Plan, whatever God has 
intended for me. 

May the Will of God be done. 

I will work as God has ordained. 

Lord, may the Divine which You have deposited in my soul grow within me. 

God is Spirit and whoever serves Him should serve Him in Spirit and in Truth! 
God is Love and whoever serves Him should serve Him in Spirit and in Truth! 

Lord, may everything be for Your Glory and for the Good of my soul, /to be 
said after prayer/ 

May we be ready to receive the Word of God in our minds, in our hearts and in 
our souls and then to apply it. 

Amen, so be it. 

/3 times/ 

Lord, I thank You thousands and millions of times. 

/3 times/ 

/This formula is very important; it has a magical strength. When things get 
really bad, pronounce it and see what will happen within your soul Only say 
this formula when you do not think anything bad. And when you say it, your 
path will always opens up everywhere and it is the most natural means to deal 
with your difficulties and to achieve everything, for which you were born./ 

In the Divine plan I am to grow in virtue. 

In the Divine plan I am to mature in Divine Justice. 

In the Divine plan I am to live in Divine Truth. 

In the Divine plan I am to blossom in Divine Wisdom. 

In the Divine plan I am to ripen in Divine Love. 

Therefore I am on the Path of Truth and Divine life. 

So no one can take this right away from me. 

This is my own right. 

Where God is, there am I also. 

My heart is warm, my soul is fresh, my mind is bright, my spirit is strong, 
because I live in the Law of infinite, changeless Love. 

Lord, may Your Love, Your Wisdom, Your Truth, Your Justice and Your 
Goodness dwell within me. 

The faith in which I live will bring Divine harmony into the strivings of my 

Ever kindly Father of all fullness, in the Name of Your Love, illuminate me 
with Your kind Spirit and fill my heart with Your Peace. 

God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever 
believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. /John 3:16/ 

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things shall 
be added unto you. 

/Matthew 6:33/ 

May we sanctify the Name of God. 

May we seek the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. 

May we fulfill the Will of God. 

/The Master often pronounced this formula in the Esoteric School in front of 
the disciples./ 

God is Love. 

If you love Me, you will keep my commandments. 

I and My Father will come and make a dwelling in you and I will manifest 

Myself to you. 

May the peace of God abide, and may Divine joy and Divine exaltation shine 
in our hearts. 

/3 times/ 

Lord, send Your blessing upon this house. 

/when you visit a house/ 

Lord, I thank You for Your visit through this person. 

/when a guest comes to you/ 

God of Love is not the God of the dead but the God of the living. 

I am alive and this God is within me, and since He is my God, with Him I can 
do everything. 

May my thoughts be as radiant as the Sun. 

May my feelings be as pure as water from mountain springs! 

Without fear, without darkness into Love without bounds! 

Without fear into boundless Love! 

Without fear, without darkness, 

in peace and in light. 

Alone the bright path of Wisdom leads to Truth. Life is hidden in Truth. 
Life is founded on Truth. 

Always be faithful, true, pure and kind, and the Lord of peace will fill your 
heart with all goodness. 

/3 times/ 

With a formula which is made with movements, a magnetic stream from the 
crown of the head, the milfoil, slowly pours through the body; with both hands 
the Blessing and Joy from on high are brought down; this formulae is given in 
the the PanEuRhythmy: 

May God's Peace abide, may God's Joy rise and God's Gladness glow in our 


Lord, You are the One Who can set everything right. 

You will arrange things for the best. 



However difficult this work, I will finish it with God and with the Spirit Who 
guides me. 

/when in great difficulties/ 

Lord, I am weak, You are strong. 

May Your strength be manifest! 

/when you encounter problems/ 


Lord, all things are possible for You. Your Spirit You have sent to guide us can 
do everything through You. And we can do everything through Your Spirit. 


Everything is possible for God. 

I live in God and with His Wisdom I can achieve everything. 

/when you encounter a contradiction/ 



God is with you, you will prevail, your victory is my victory. 

I believe only in One God of Wisdom and in One Spirit of Truth. 


This will be arranged, this will be arranged, this will be arranged in a way we 
do not know. 

/3 times/ 


Guard us, o Lord, with Your white light, Protect us with Your diamond wall. 
The Spirit of God - the Beloved of our soul - 
Will do everything for us. 


Guard us, Lord, with Your Sacred Name through all the days of our life. 

We commend our spirit into Your Hands. 
Guide us with the Light of Your Teaching. 

I acknowledge only One Spirit of Truth and I call upon the Power of that Spirit 
to enfold me. 

God of Love, God of Light, 

Disperse all impure influences around me. 

Lord of Forces, send The Holy Spirit of Power and illuminate my room in 
Your Light and with the Strength of Your Spirit, surround my bed with the fire 
circle of Your Love, so that may room and my house would be released of evil 

In the name of Divine Love, 

In the name of Divine Wisdom 
In the name of Divine Truth, 

In which I live and move and have my being, 

And with the Power of the Living Word of God, 

May all evil and cunning thoughts and all hostile powers be dispersed. 
/3 times/ 

God is Love, God is Wisdom, 
I am Goodness, I am Truth. 

/3 times/ 

/This formula is a strong weapon against evil. 

Make way for God within yourself and manifest His Love and Wisdom. 

If evil comes to you, do not attack it, but simply defend yourself. If any 
temptation comes your way, quietly say this formula to yourself./ 


Everything which is good i may receive. 

Everything which is good i may apply. 

Whenever i wish to do any kind of good, there is no power, which can prevent 

I can do everything through the living lord of love, who has created everything 
in the world. 

/5 times/ 


Lord, I thank You for everything You have given me and taught me. 

/on getting out of bed/ 


Lord, I thank You that I have risen, I thank You that I am alive. 

Tell me what I can do for You today. 


Lord, give me Strength, Life and Health to work for Your Great Plan. 

/With lifted hands/ 

Lord, I ask You to pour living cosmic forces into me, which to penetrate each 
cell of my body, to bring vitality and health into it, to strengthen my spirit, so 

that I can fulfill the task for which I have come to Earth. 

Go out each morning and turn your back first to the south, then to the north, 
and after a little while to the East, and stand like that for one hour from seven 
to eight. Direct your mind upward and say: 







Lord, enlighten my mind. Give health to everyone who needs it and to me as 


/Music is a method for improving life. No matter what Field you are in, you 
cannot think correctly if you are not musical. Likewise, you will not be able to 
feel or act correctly if you are not musical./ 

Love, study, keep silent, endure, forgive, 
Pursue your path and do not forget God! 

Always be glad! Pray without ceasing! 

Give thanks for everything. Do not extinguish the Spirit. 

Place Truth in your soul and you will acquire the freedom, which you seek. 

Place Wisdom in your mind - Light will come and knowledge will give you its 

Place Purity in your heart - Love will come and the True Life will begin. 

O Great Love, 

The beginning of every goodness in our life, 

As Your child, support me in the acquisition of knowledge. 

I feel the link with You, and in my striving towards You I am not afraid of 
worldly temptation and I believe that I will fulfill my purpose in uniting with 


I should think like God, 

I should love as He loves. 

May the Kingdom of God come on Earth and may I be a bearer of His Light. 
/3 times/ 

God is Love, Love which Christ has received. 

Christ is Love, Love which we have received. 

We are Love, Love which we are now manifesting. 

Blessed be the Lord! 

/3 times/ 

Christ is the Man of abundant power, Christ is the Man of abundant faith, 
Christ is the Man of abundant love. 


Lord, surround me with Your Light and protect me during the time of my 
nightly rest. 

I am going to study, to pray and to work. 

Lord, may Your Peace and Your Joy abide with us always so that our hearts 
may be illuminated and we may serve You with our whole heart, with our 
whole mind, with our whole soul and with our whole strength. 

Lord, I ask You to send me an angel to teach me the smallest knowledge, to 
instruct me how to do the smallest good or the smallest act of love, how to give 
people the smallest freedom and to manifest the smallest mercy. 

Perfecting of Love will be the meaning of my life. 

Perfect Love casts out every fear from the soul and brings peace and gladness 
to the spirit. 

I will lie down in peace and sleep, because only You, Lord, make me live in 

I know One God of Love, One Teacher of Wisdom and One Spirit of Truth, 
which we call upon to come with its life-giving power to disperse all evil 

/3 times/ 

Lord, thank You that You have given me an excellent mind I which You have 
placed Your Wisdom, as well as excellent heart in which You have placed 
Your Love. 

I wish to serve You with this Love and Wisdom. 

For the sake of You, Lord, Whom I have carried in my soul from eternity, I 
will listen to You and serve You. 

God is Light. 

Angels are Warmth. 
People are Kindness. 

/3 times/ 


God is Light within me. 
My spirit is Warmth. 

I am Kindness. 

13 times/ 

If you are very weary, or have no time to say a special prayer in the evening, 
then say: 

Lord, be merciful to me. 

I will do Your will. 

The lovely prayer of the mother: 

Lord, bless my child. Guard him/her from all ills 

and help him/her to develop all the gifts and capabilities, which You have laid 
in his/her soul. 



- There is no love like God's Love! 

- Only God's Love is Love! 


There is no love like God's Love! 

Only God's Love is Love! 

There is no wisdom like God's Wisdom. 

Only God's Wisdom is Wisdom. 

There is no Truth like God's Truth. 

Only God's Truth is Truth. 

There is no Justice like God's Justice. 

Only God's Justice is Justice. 

There is no virtue like God's Virtue. 

Only God's Virtue is Virtue. 

There is no power like the Power of the Spirit. 

Only the Power of the Spirit is God's Power. 

There is no glory like the Glory of Christ. 

Only the Glory of Christ is God's Glory. 

The abundance of God's Good brings Life. 

Love is coming. 

/3 times/ 

Love gives birth to Good. Good brings Life, Light and Freedom to our souls. 


God's Love brings the abundant and full life. 

13 times/ 


God's Love brings the abundant and full life. 

Only God's Love brings the abundant and full life. 

Only the manifested God's Love brings the abundant and full life and the Joy 
of God. 


Lord, You are the Source of Life, send us Your life-giving strength, Your 
Spirit to heal us from all illnesses and sufferings. 

/3 times/ 

And this is Eternal Life to know You, the Only True God and Christ Whom 
You sent. 

And this is Eternal Life to know Love, Wisdom and Truth. 

this is Eternal Life to know that God is Spirit Who reigns everywhere. 


I am mobilized, I have work, I serve God. 

And therefore may all spirits that cause illnesses go away. 


I live in God and God lives in me. And in God there is no illness at all. So I 
should be healthy and I am healthy. 

I have inexhaustible wealth at my disposal. 

I live in the fullness of Divine Love, I breathe the Light of Divine Wisdom, I 
move in the Great Divine Truth, which brings freedom and scope to souls, 
arousing everything which God gives me. 

I wish my heart to become rhythmical, to merge with the pulse of the Sun, and 
to send its energy to the whole organism, just as the Sun sends its energy to the 
whole world. 

I am ready to serve God. 

I am serving God. 

I work for God. 

So I should be healthy, and I am healthy. 

/when sunbathing/ 

Lord, I thank You for the Sacred Energy of Divine Life which You are sending 
us with the Sun's rays. 

I feel intensely how it penetrates into all my organs bringing strength, life and 
health to my whole body. 

It is the reflection of Your Love towards us. 

I thank You. Lord, You are strong and almighty. 

If it is Your wish, You can free this person from his sufferings. 


You, O Supreme, Who bless and create, Who set right everything in me and 
around me. 

Come, rectify my mind, may it think properly. 

Come, rectify my heart, may Living Love well up in it. 



For the absorption of electromagnetic energy - prana with deep breathing: 
Breathing in: 

I thank You, Lord, for the Divine Life which You have placed in the air and 
which I receive together with it. 

Holding breath: 

This Divine Life permeates my whole body and brings strength, life and health 
to every part. 

Breathing out: 

May this Divine Life manifest outwardly through my actions. 


For the absorption of Divine Love, Wisdom and Truth: 

Breathing in: 

May the Name of God be glorified within me. 

Holding breath: 

May the Kingdom of God and His Justice come within me. 

Breathing out: 

May the Will of God be done. 

These are done first through the left, then through the right nostril. 








May God be glorified in the Brotherhood of Light 
and may the Brothers be glorified in the Love of God. 

/3 times/